Air Philippines, Davao City and me

March 31, 2009

To avoid avionics (aviation electronic) interference, turning electronic devices off (i.e cellphone, laptop and a 2-way pagers) when an aircraft is about to takeoff is a must...

But how about digital cameras? Are they grounded too? If so, then I am obviously breaking the rules when I took these pictures while still on the air approaching the Davao International Airport, 7th of February when I came home from Cebu. I really don't know if it was permitted and did not bother to ask, either. I just confidently slipped the camera out my bag and took several snaps and a couple of videos of the ground. The passenger next to my seat? Deadma!

Hahaha... perhaps he don't know too or he simply didn't care, LOL!

Here are some of the pics.

the gloomy city of Davao

Hmm... I wonder which part of the city is this site

few meters away...
approaching the Davao International Airport ground

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  1. hmmm.. maybe it is not prohibited.. my angel also took pictures while the plane is landing, hee hee..

  2. i dont think digital camera will create interference unless they are connected to a laptop. I dont know, but that's just what I think. Because digital camera dont use satelite. it has it's own memory card.
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  3. @anneberly
    i thought so too :D

    thanks Anne!