the new year's resolution tag... (delayed post)

January 04, 2009

The last time I remember I made this New Year's resolution thing was during my High School years. It has always been the first thing every teacher would ask from their students to do after the classes resumes from quite a long Christmas holiday vacation.

I really don't make personal resolutions like many people does. I have nothing against setting up goals or aiming something for myself for the entire brand new year. The only thing that made me feel a bit backward about it is the thought of actually not fulfilling it... As the brand new week for the brand new year came in, Amy and Lynn tagged me about it. I don't wanna miss tags as much as possible but honestly... this one really made me ponder.

"New Year's Resolution"

Sounds so familiar but for me it's one of the hardest thing to realize...

But yea, like what the amiable Amy said... for the sake of the tag.

I was asked to list down 12 (??!!) but I can only think of doing these things that I suppose are possible and not too hard to bring to completion, lol!

Hmm... we'll see.

  1. I should continue blogging! As long as I have my PC and my Internet connection working well for me.

  2. I should learn to understand and accept the fact that I cannot rule the life of the people I care so much about as much as I wanted them to live their lives in a sound and safe manner. (Well, I'm only trying to care...just how do I have to get it across to them how much I do?) Now, I don't think this is gonna be easy at all but I can try.

  3. PATIENCE. I badly need more of it. Always.

  4. FRUSTRATIONS. I have so much of this over the last year. Hope to get over with them all.

  5. I should be more decisive and determined in pursuing what I want to happen this time for myself.

  6. .................

Oh, pardon me girls, but this is all I can think for now. Hope this will! Thanks for sharing, anyway.

Wishing you both a blissful and productive 2009!

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  1. hello sis!

    now lang ko ka bisita diri da. hope it's not yet too late. hehe.

    thank you for doing this, sis. pareho ta, bal-an ra pud og masunod nako to akong new year's resolution. haha. well, for fun lang gud no. himo himo. wala bitaw to bayad. haha.

    ingatz. mwah!

  2. girl, thanks for posting this...i have all the time to blog now

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