PM turns one

January 02, 2009

Yesterday marked this blog's first year of existence in the blogosphere and I have been meaning to write this post on the dot but my health condition didn't allow me to.

Yes, exactly at New Year's day in 2008 I launched and originally designed this site for personally taken photos but eventually, it turned into a mixed blog (lol!)... Although not everything that's written are as interesting as it should be, I am still grateful for every visit that's being payed by friends, visitors and readers here... The effort, time, uplifting comments and messages were all candidly acknowledged. I owe the growth of this site from all of you. It may not be as fascinating but to express is nonetheless what I am making this for. And like I said from my post
here, I am keeping it as well as my other sites no matter what comes around unless I have reason(s) that are compelling enough to cast them aside.

Anyways, so much for are the site's credits and statistics up to date:

Site launched date: January 1, 2008
Number of published posts: 230
Comments written/received: 306
Number of Visitors: 4667
Google Page Rank: 0
Page Authority: 92 (Powered by Technorati)
Subscribers: 2 (Powered by Feedburner)
Templates used: 3
Current Layout Design: Pannasmontata Templates

Once again, my sincere thanks goes out to all my friends and buddies in this virtual community. I'm looking forward to share more blogging moments with you, people...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you....CHEERS!

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