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November 21, 2008

Gaining weight can be a pain on the neck too sometimes. In year 2007, I have reached at the edge where I have to buy all new clothes when my weight speeds up from 105 to 130 pounds. My waistline from 27 to 32. Every morning I have to look at the mirror and cannot help to feel so bad on how big I have become. My disappointment prompted me to try a home-based routine activity. I bought a DVD of an eight minute workout which I religiously do first hour in the morning everyday but I wonder why instead of feeling good, I ended feeling so weak after each exercise.

Later I found out after I visited a gynecologist that an ovarian cyst has been developed inside my body thus, making me bulge, looking like I am three months pregnant. The doctor then advised me to stop immediately the workout and from then on the process of my treatment begins. November of the same year, I went through a major operation. Things for me has never been the same again after that.

Although I really do not think I still need to do the workout again because just a month after my operation, I can confidently say I have a whole new figure that I can boost for. My weight slimmed down to 110 again and my belly just went all flat. Wow, such a very pleasant feeling! But then again having such a boring meal plan, made me crave on foods I used and so love to eat. I guess you now have a clue what did happen next...

Yes, my body weight speeds up again just as fast as I they went away. My problem is, I am not sure if I am still allowed to do any form of workout again or not. Until I found out about Flat Belly Diet from the Internet. I browsed their website and after I learned this program is something safe for me to do, I did not think twice to apply for a membership. I hope I will get approved, though. It's for free and all women who are interested to try it are invited.

While this form of diet is just all about food and proper diet, it cause no harm in meeting that desired flat tummy you've been meaning to have for over a long time.

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  1. best online casinosNovember 21, 2008 at 9:49 PM

    You really had to go on a diet...

  2. i want to be lighter too though am not that heavy nor fat, i find it easier to live ligh..

  3. way to go Nanycy.. I am glad you are safe. Nancy where is your UC here? I cant find it
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  4. Hi Nancy, thank you for this post. I will check on this. :)