tita wanna be

November 07, 2008

My 3-year old niece MJ used to sleep with me in my room pretty much every night since they (my sister and her family) moved in to my house a couple months ago. She is such a little sweetheart to me although sometimes she has a child temper too especially when a bad mood strikes her... but most of the time she's sweet. Keen and has a very sharp mind.

And her favorite past time activity?? Not playing dolls nor with any other children's  toys but ... to do mimicry, lol!

Yes, she loves to mimic everyone around. She loves to mimic her school teacher a lot but guess who's the most influential among them all? Of course, no other than the "TITA" herself... hahaha

Like I usually do, I took a bath one night so I left her all by herself in my room. "Tita won't take long", is what told her and she nodded to agree. She was laying in bed like she's ready to doze when I left her. When I came back after a while, I tried not to make a sound by slowly opening the door thinking that she already had gone to sleep... but I was so surprisingly wrong! Look at what she did?

She turned her head toward where I was and threw a smile so I smiled back and pretended I don't mind her sitting on my chair, dragging my mouse as if she knows what she's doing, staring at the monitor while wearing my glasses... hahaha. Smarty kid! Anyway, while she thinks Tita don't care, I discreetly grab my camera and carefully stole some shots that she wasn't aware of at all. I just find her so adorable acting that way, lol!

Then finally I asked her to pose for a close up shot... Here it is...

... with all the sweetest smile! A smile that was enough to melt Tita's heart. I then sent her to la-la-la land after a short while...

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  1. kids are really good in mimicking. pati si yogi ganyan eh. ginagaya niya actions ng tito niya, either nagtetelepono, or may kausap na barkada, etc. makalingaw baya sila, diba? idol jud ka sa imo niece ba kay ginagaya ka. :)