surprise... surprise and more surprises!!!

November 09, 2008

This day is just so wow! Another gloomy Sunday yet so full of blessings. Literally not too many in figure but so rich in thoughts...

Starting with the PR 2 that has found its way back to my other blog. I don't know how long had it been there but I was able to check it only this morning.

Later this afternoon a blog feed via email from Ruby's page of PinayMommyOnline drew out a big grin from my face as I was reading her latest blog entry announcing the winner of the last "Blogger's Leave Contest" she left for her blogging buddies to hold on to while she was taking an indefinite leave from the blogosphere last month.

Now the great surprise I'm talking about... roll that drums in.... hahaha!

It's when PM whipped over 600 entries/participants and made it to the top slot. Yes... this page hit the grand prize composed of $15 cash and 1000 EC credits electronically raffled by And just a few minutes after making her announcement, she wired me the cash prize via Paypal... Isn't that awesome?!

I also wanna congratulate the following pages: and for winning the 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively.

And lastly, to Mommy Ruby... thank you so much for the pre- Christmas present. I know I already did earlier but I still wanna say it again, lol! My heart just can't stop rejoicing even until now.

Thank you... thank you and more blessings coming your way!

'till next surprise for me... (hmm... I sense another one on it's way...hahaha!)

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  1. wow! good for u, sis. congratulations! balato ha. LOL.

  2. Hi I am so happy for you baby doll... You work so hard on your blog all the time... You deserve it... Mahal na mahal kita... It is so nice to see you so happy...

  3. Thank you sweetie, mahal na mahal din kita...

  4. this is so sweet!! mahal na mahal ko din kayo. hehehe...

    anyway, hope you join my next contest. i will be back to the blogging world soon.

    miss you all!!

  5. thanks a bunch uulitin!