my first ...

November 20, 2008

Hi there, Lynn. It's passed 2am now while I'm doing this post but don't worry, I'm still wide awake. I just actually had a talk with JK (during his lunch break-DST) and decided not to climb to bed till I'm done posting this cool stuffs you shared to me. Well, just to make sure I'm not missing it this time.

I really do appreciate this. For more than a year of staying here in the blogosphere, I already came across with hundreds of people. Some are gone and some remains. Some had changed, the other stays the same. Somehow, I also get to know people's "color." Thanks to my instinct, lol! I received various forms of appreciation from friends but to be handed such virtual token of gratitude like this, is my first...

... and for this Power Blog award, I don't know what makes my blog so powerful but thank you. I may not sure what this award tries to suggest but one thing I am so grateful about it are the warm thoughts of sharing and remembering that we all belong to one community.


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  1. Sis, I wish I could remain here forever heheh. I am trying promise!
    Btw, I am super busy lately, you know malapit na ang xmas hehe kailangan nating mag decorate kahit kunti lol

    msta kana?


  2. congratulations! that's what makes blogging really fun ano, being appreciated and gaining a lot of friends ;)

    happy weekend ;)

    Moms... check nyo