i knew it!

November 12, 2008

See, I'm right!

I knew there will be another surprise on its way for me as I have mentioned in my post below. Hahaha... of course I knew it cause I have been expecting it, lol! I'm talking about a package of early Christmas presents for us (me, my daughters, my sister and my nieces) from JK. Yesterday, we we're talking about tracking it online. He gave me the tracking code but I wasn't able to locate the official website of Cebu postal office. Actually, I really don't think there's any. So while he was asleep, I also went out to ask from the local post office here how and where we can possibly track a package. A lady personnel gave me a combination of numbers of the forwarding office from the city. I then look out for a pay phone and dialed the said number. A female voice from the other end answered, asked me some details (recipient and sender's details, that is) and after a short while, she then confirmed me that the package I was looking for has already been dispatched and was on it's way for delivery. A big grin painted my face as I hanged up the phone and left.

Exactly 3 weeks (21 days) of waiting, the package arrived today and we picked it up from the local post office here at around 10 O'clock this morning. Talagang 'di na pinahirapan si Mr. Postman na magdeliver 'no... haha. Anyways, the box contains clothings and jewelries for us... plus of course, the most requested chips! I am actually munching Lay's potato chips right now while writing, lol! He also sent me set of battery charger and rechargeable batteries for my digicam (from him as well) and a DVD movie for the girls. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures of the goodies yet cause I'm still figuring out how to use the new charger. I got all my old batteries burned when I have them overcharged, lol!

But just to give you a quick run down of what we've all got... the baby got a nice and brightly colored baby blanket, my nieces got a pair of clothes, heart-shaped gold earrings for each and a DVD cartoon movie for them to share. My sister got a necklace, a gold one too... while me and my 2 daughters got a set of necklaces and earrings each... all comes in gold with our corresponding birthstones in it. Oh, and of course most of the chips goes out to me, hahaha!

Everybody were so happy especially the little girls. For awhile, we felt like we are at one home sharing one great joy because we actually opened the box while JK and and his son JD were watching us from the other end of the net via web camera. It was a whole lot of fun afternoon. Just a bit sad that the camera wasn't available just yet, though! Anyways, we are all wearing now our gifts and hopefully I still can take a snap of them later.

Thanks to JD for his ideas, lol! The girls love their presents and they so much enjoyed the movie...

And to you sweetheart... thank you and I love you so much!


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  1. Hello JD and I are happy that you were all pleased with your gifts... We had a hard time picking them out... of and Dont for get your tattoo from JD lol...

  2. oh nancy! as i was reading your post i can't help but put a wide smile on my face. i can sense the happiness and the joy your heart bears. knowing that, it makes me feel good to know that you and JK is doing more the fine. your a great couple and always stay as sweet!!

  3. oh yes, I forgot JD gave me a tattoo with Mother Mary's image too. I'm not sure yet though, when to use it and which part of my body to place it to...

    thanks a lot JD!

  4. @ Ruby

    thanks for dropping by Rubs. JK and I are glad to have known you as one true friend here in the blogosphere. We will never forget that guessing game you have played with us while we were still on the process of disclosing our relationship. hahaha!

  5. wow! that's so sweet of JK naman. i was actually smiling while reading your post, sis 'cause i know the feeling. :)

    may chips pa bang natira? pahingi naman. lol.

  6. sus! pastilan Lynn, basta chichiria wala jud koy pasayluon.. hahaha! pwede pa lang i-email ang chips, gihaturan na taka, sis..hahah!