who am i (a -z)

October 26, 2008

Thanks so much, Hailey. Hope you don't mind me placing this tag here.

A. Attached or single? Attached
B. Best friend? Yes.
C. Cake or pie? I love both. Blueberry cheesecake for cakes and taro pie for pies
D. Day of choice? Saturday's best
E. Essential item? Cellphone
F. Favorite color? Green, yellow, blue and grey
G. Gummy bears or worms? Gummy bears
H. Hometown? Compostela Valley
I. Favorite indulgence? Nothing in particular really.
J. January or July? January where everything seems to be brand new.
K. Kids? 2 girls
L. Life isn’t complete without? Sacrifices and pains (i guess) Getting over with it is what makes life even more meaningful.
M. Marriage date? ...
N. Number of magazine subscriptions: never subscribe to any
O. Oranges or apples? Both
P. Phobias? I don't think I have any.
Q. Quotes? Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.
R. Reasons to smile? When everything are in place
S. Season of choice? Summer
T. Tag 5 people. Gen, Liza, Rocks, Michelle, and JK.
U. Unknown fact about me? I can hand sew like a pro, lol!
V. Vegetable? brocolli
W. Worst habit? I'm a chips addict
X. X-ray or ultrasound? Ultrasound
Y. Your favorite foods? Pancit (haha..pinoy na pinoy talaga 'no!)
Z. Zodiac sign? Aquarius

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  1. thanks for the tag Nancy! How's ur weekend? parang ang bilis lang no? Monay na ulit bukas..hay..office na naman.

  2. thanks for the tag ;) i will get it up soon :)

    take care.

  3. Hello baby Thank you for the tag...