October 10, 2008

Looking back in my teenage years where computers are yet unaccessible for everyone, I have this mindset that looking for somebody online for a date is no better than screwing your own self in the future. I admit I used to have this unfair judgement and poor impressions towards foreign people. I can carry through the conventional love love letter sending to the opposite sex but even at that, I made sure to have always drawn a line... meaning boundaries. Sounds ridiculous, huh!

But time had flown so fast. These days, if one has to think the way I did before, they might be missing the boat on a hugely popular way of finding their lifetime partner, or at least a date online. There are literally hundreds of websites that exists on the world wide web for a sole reason... and that is finding someone a compatible mate.

But like in the "real" world, has this "safety first " rule that other dating sites may have missed imposing. True is the only online dating service and relationship site endorsed by Psychology Today and no other internet dating service conducts criminal background screenings and Single Certification. With True coaching services, they will help you create a perfect personal ad and allows you to meet people who are right for you for all the right reasons.

These and more favorable services awaits for you to find out when you visit their website today. Oh... and one more thing... Signing up for a True account is absolutely free so what you singles out there are waiting for? Sign up now and grab this chance to search for free!

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  1. online dating site used to be so embarassing to join with, but lately it's been a trend to find someone whom you are be friend with. There too many goos online dating site now
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  2. i met my hubby in .... for the ladies, please be sincere of your motives and careful who you talk to...