safe online shopping

October 08, 2008

Online shopping is just but one of the countless benefits the advent of technology has brought us. The first online shopping experience I have had was with my boyfriend. Clothings and jewelries are what I want to buy most online. Unfortunately, as we were about to check out the item, we found out that the store cannot ship goods outside the country so I was a bit disappointed about it although I know my chance to avail the convenience of shopping online doesn't end there. Now that the Christmas season is drawing near, I would still prefer to shop for Christmas presents online to send to my distant loved ones to avoid the so irritating holiday traffic congestion and long queue to wait while paying your items on a local department stores.

However, we cannot deny the fact that virtual as it is, majority of online transactions are always associated with online fraud like the widely spread, identity theft. Credit Card security issue can be the greatest disadvantage the online stores may have. No matter how secure a certain website claims to be, you still cannot put a hundred percent trust on them. While we value every penny that we hardly earned from work, we should as well coach ourselves on how to buy the safest way possible online. Times like this, let buySAFE be our free shopping advisor. With Shopping Advisor, you will quickly know which online merchant is protecting our personal information and insuring our purchase as promised. To download free buySAFE application, visit their website now!

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