if there's one color ...

October 28, 2008

... I could paint my own little world, I would pick my personal favorite color which is green.

Green because as they say it represents life and no matter how imperfect my life is, for some reasons, I still believe it is worth living.

Green because I am pro-nature. My fascination to the world's wonder, beauty of nature, awesome sights and landscapes is what inspired me to set up this blog. As much as I enjoy visiting travel and photo blogs, I also want to have a separate ground of my own where I can draw together in one place my preferred and personally taken pictures.

However, taking raw and live pictures through nature hopping can be time consuming and expensive too sometimes so I really don't do it frequently as much as I would like to but with the help of hosted, free blog images from certain sites, I still can conveniently sustain and keep my blog rolling. There are awesome sites out there that provides free images for bloggers so we no longer have to waste our time searching the entire web. And since these images are hosted, you don't have to worry about copyright because they guarantee all images are properly licensed.

Here. Take a look of what I am talking about. Aren't they marvelous?

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