i find it too boring sometimes...

October 07, 2008

when all I can see everyday is my own little world... literally, the 4 corners of my bedroom where I spend 95% of my time everyday (yan e pag walang brownout!), staring at my PC doing random online activities, adjusting the speed of my fan every now and then and laying down in my bed for a nap when I get drowsy plus, let me add in the sooo^^ annoying hot weather temperature during mid day.

I know... you may think it's too comfortable and easy...well it can be but I find it a little piercing too sometimes that it made me wish to have just done something instead like looking for a regular-paying job where I can see the outside world everyday, speak to some people, widen my perspective and most importantly, breath some fresh air. Hmm...I badly miss those times when I was still working. I am thinking of searching for one right here in Cebu kaya lang I still find this place strange. Iba pa rin talaga kasi yung nakasanayan mo nang lugar. And for me, I would still love to pick and settle back in Davao. Sigh!


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  1. Come here and have more then 4 walls ok... Love you honey...

  2. haha, i envy for not having to go to office daily.. :P