he cares

October 05, 2008

For the effort he had exerted trying to help me fix my PC problems (lots of them actually, from the basic to the complex ones). To me he's such a wizard. Oh, and not only that... He's my all time man-at-arms too. He cares... and I mean so much. He always care for everything he knows would make me happy...


I have never known a man my whole life who made me feel so loved and cared for like you do.

... a whole bunch!

Love you!

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  1. wow, so sweet of you.. it's really nice finding the one whose hands fit ours.. <3 stay in love..

  2. awww...ang sweet...naiinggit ako...

  3. Sweetheart you are such a special person and you need to be treated as such... Love ya... Hugs and Kisses...