a grateful heart

October 31, 2008

Femikey shared me this tag a few days ago. I really have no intention to ignore this. It just so happened that I got busy accomplishing some online tasks lately. So there... I hope she wouldn't mind me posting it a little late here.

Anyways as per asked, here are the list of things that I'm so grateful about:

1. First off, to God for keeping my daughters and all the important people in my life safe and healthy.

2. For the day that I get to meet JK.

3. Thanks to my Mom... for shaping me the person that I am now.

4. Back to JK... For showing me your sincerity and genuine intentions. For the unending support and encouragement. For providing me my computer so I can continue blogging when I have to move here in Cebu, (thank you, sweetheart.)

5. To my friend, Evs... for patiently teaching me how to blog before.

6. To my virtual friends...for sharing your friendship with me. For the effort and patience on visiting my blog.

7. To the Advertisers... for trusting my blogging capacity.

8. To my new found friends here in Cebu. I really don't make a lot since I barely go out but I have a few and they're all nice to me, at least.

9. Lastly, I wanna thank myself. I don't remember when was the last time I did and for what reason but this time I just want to complement and give myself a little credit over some accomplishments for this year. They're not big but they're things I did all by myself.


Hope you're all having a great weekend!

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