seafoods galore

September 13, 2008

I love to cook as much as I love to eat. I believe cooking is one important thing every woman has to know. I learn and started cooking in as early as 13 years old. From simple fried eggs, fish and hotdogs to a more stuffy dishes as my mom taught me in a gradual basis.

I love fresh domestic seafoods. Among its groups, I love shrimps the most. For me, shrimps and garlic are a perfect mix. However it is cooked, it would definitely win my taste buds no matter what time of the day. My mom has her varied ways on preparing every member of the family's favorite shrimps on some occasions that I eventually have learned too.

Just as of earlier, I stumbled into this Great American Seafood cook off website where endowed chefs all over the US showcased their creativity on preparing great seafood recipes that are not only healthy but are ideal to every American family's table. Needless to say what captivates my eyes. It's Chef Mark Holley's Texas Gulf Shrimp. Aside from it's winsome and enticing look, it is also full of healthy stuffs like fresh vegetables and fiber-enriched beans. So what else your tummies can ask for. I would definitely add this to my shrimp recipe list as well. I understand serving exquisite dishes like this on a daily basis can be too pricey for average earning people like me but it's never a crime to treat ourselves once in a while or in some occasions and special celebrations like paydays, birthdays or anniversaries perhaps.

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