September 26, 2008

My 5-year old niece Bernadette had been bugging me lately with her request if she could play games on the internet using my PC... Once during my blogging break, I let them sit in and played few games with my sister, Thea (her mom) and I guess that's where the interest of the girl had started to develop.

For over a week, I felt this sense of guilt every time she knocks my door and I have to say "NO" to her because I simply don't want to be interrupted.

"Tita has work to do." This single explanation from me is enough for her to turn around and leave my room at once...but only for awhile! haha... and there she is again after a while... but then Tita still has to say "no", lol! I know this sounds so selfish of me so before I frustrate her further, we made an agreement for her not to keep on coming back.

"Saturdays". That's it! While she don't have to go to school and Tita (aunt) has a longer time for JK and for
blogging on the weekends... and that day is today... the little girl's wish to play computer games has been fulfilled. This morning while JK went to bed, I let her play. I saw from her smile how happy she was that she had to finally sit on my chair and control the mouse all by herself, lol! I taught her a game she could afford to play at her age like different designs of 16-20 pcs. jigsaw puzzle which she really enjoyed for over an hour.

Ay... it was such a relief and gratifying to have granted a little girl's wish. Who knows? This arrangement of ours may help her become a more responsible kid at home and at school. Hmm... i guess you have a clue now what I mean! Of course, tita has to make preconditions, lol!

Have a peaceful and safe weekend, everyone!


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