famous women's faces

September 05, 2008

Instructions: Look at each image and identify the famous woman by clicking on the button corresponding to her name. The answer key will be provided after the quiz is scored. Good luck!

1. Who is it?

Maya Angelou
Winnie Mandela
Oprah Winfrey
Tracy Chapman
I don't know

2. Who is it?

Angela Basset
Tina Turner
Dionne Warwick
Anita Pointer
I don't know

3. Who is it?

Martha Stewart
Gwyneth Paltrow
Hilary Clinton
Cybill Shepard
I don't know

4. Who is it?

Princess Diana
Martha Stewart
Jodi Foster
Anne Frank
I don't know

5. Who is it?

Linda Evangelista
Farrah Fawcett
Pamela Anderson
Shania Twain
I don't know

6. Who is it?

Tipper Gore
Elisabeth Shue
Barbara Walters
I don't know

7. Who is it?

Angelina Jolie
Monica Lewinsky
Marilyn Monroe
Rosie O'Donnell
I don't know

8. Who is it?

Laura Dern
Steffie Graf
Melissa Ethridge
Ellen Barkin
I don't know

9. Who is it?

Whoopi Goldberg
Aretha Franklin
Maya Angelou
Dionne Warwick
I don't know

10. Who is it?

Marlene Dietrich
Jean Harlow
Greta Garbo
Bettie Davis
I don't know

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