cheezy but ...

August 20, 2008

"You must be the reason for global warming, coz you're so hot!"... hahaha... I've heard this line from my boyfriend in one of our virtual conversations not so long ago. It's kinda cheesy but oh, I knew he's just flirting and I really don't mind. My boyfriends is so fun to be with. He loves to kid around and he's got a bunch of tease readied to cheer me up especially when something got me pissed or irritated. He has his different ways to unburden my so occupied mind that makes me feel really cared for despite our distance. Yes, we do have a long distance relationship but we are constantly dating...and oh well, flirting?... (are we?) online! LOL! Well, I believe we do. I guess most people attracted to each other does. Flirting ain't bad at all.

Anyways, why don't you experiment... test yourself how good you can be when it comes to confident flirting? Get the chance to win the victory hair to shine your way out. Join the Ultimate Flirting Championship game by Extreme Style by VO5. Give your best shot and remember... keep your confidence on the ground. Be yourself!

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