wishing for a trip grant back home

July 18, 2008

This morning my sister, Thea and I went to a local airline ticketing office to book a flight for us as we are planning to visit home along with the kids and the new-born baby (my nieces). Our older sister, Joyce offered us money to buy our plane tickets but unfortunately, while we we're tring to make an arrangement, we found out that my niece who is just a week old is not allowed to travel via air yet. My sister just gave birth to her a week ago and we want the baby to come along with us for my Mama to see her new grandchild. She has to be 20 days old to meet their policy. We can't just leave the baby behind either... Now our alternative step is to make query from any shipping lines and see what they can do for us. This time around, that's gonna be on top of my what to do. I can't waste any of my time since my sister want us to leave here by the 23th so we can make it to the family reunion which she initiated for us on the 25th.

(Sigh!!) I 'm not sure if we can still make it but I don't wanna lose hope yet. I miss being with my family so much and if we're all meant to be together soon, I wish this is gonna be it.

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