we're off to go!

July 21, 2008

Yes! We finally got our tickets for our home vacation and we are set to leave tomorrow night. Oh, I can clearly describes how I am feeling right now. Both sad and excited! Sad, because I'm gonna miss talking to JK for 2 weeks. He'd been a part of me almost all days of my life. I'm gonna miss his voice, the tease, the casual talk and his sweetness. Will also miss JD. He used to fill her dad's absence being at work. These 2 became my virtual best friends and they're just always there to listen to my crankiness and crabbiness sometimes, lol! I know JK would understand. He's always after my happiness and what my heart desires and he knows very well this vacation is what I have been looking forward to. Part of me will be missing them so much. Of course I will miss blogging for a while as well. On the other end, my excitement can't contain my heart for this nearly coming reunion of ours. Can't wait to get to see and be with my family again after over a year of being away with them.

I think tonight is gonna be another sleepless night for me. I wanna maximize my time and make sure everything is in place before I leave. I wanna also spend a little more time with JK during his lunch time (12 midnight, our local time) and of course prepping for tomorrow.

Wish us luck! :-)

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