relaxing moment

July 04, 2008

As a career woman as I have been, spending time to do administrative functions became an ordinary cycle that I have to do everyday. Getting up from bed early in the morning, take a cold or warm shower to start the day up light and fresh and sipping a cup of oh so fine cup of coffee while prepping to go to work. Everyday is a brand new day. But not every brand new day means fresh at all because living in a technologically well-shaped and developed city maybe highly convenient however the counterpart of each comfort accessibility the modern technology can give can be as well disadvantageous primarily to one’s health.

Aside from taking essential health supplements, I always see to it that I come home safe and relax. the fresh scent of seaside breezes that I used to have in my bedroom helps me ease the outside rigid pressures while I lay down in bed and calmly sniffing the gentle wind-like scent that's softly whispering inside my senses. I definitely recommend electric scented oil air freshener. It is what you need if you wanted to experience relaxing moments after work like I do.

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