July 07, 2008

John Donne says, "No man is an island". This phrase for me has proved its point over a lot of times. One day, I went to the city for some errands, dropped by at one mall for a little shopping. Looking at different stuffs wishing I had enough to buy extra something for myself. Checking my phone clock, it's past 2 PM. Huh! oh, how time flies!. I remember I haven't even eaten yet. Not a single meal or even an in between munching. I hurried to the nearest fast food chain, had some food and drinks to fill my belly. As soon as I started eating, a sudden twist of emptiness filled up my senses. There I realized... "nag iisa pala ako". I'm sitting there all by myself and wishing I had somebody to have shared what I have on that table.

So I figured, I definitely missed a lot of people in my life during that time. Those people I am talking about are my FAMILY. My imagination started to wander. As far as it could reach those thoughts of happy moments me and my family have had. They're all rushing through my mind and thought it would help me somehow get through that moment of stillness but no, I ended up feeling the tears encircling round my eyes and before it could even drop down, I quickly grab the rest of my food, place it inside a plastic bag and headed out the door... A group of young beggars were hanging outside the door, I handed them the bag of my leftover and fled away.

While boarding the bus on my way home, I tried to convince myself to go back to the reality where I 'm at and should be. I pulled out my phone and texted my Mama and 2 sisters. I was relieved when Mama said she's doing fine. I figured my older sister was busy at work so I just didn't bother to wait for an answer from her. I slid my phone back to my bag and leaned my head back my seat and closed my eyes wishing I could get home before I knew it.

It is not flesh and blood, but the HEART that makes a family. Call it a clan, a network, a tribe. However you may call it, whoever we are, we need one. Never forget your family where you once belong. Not even a single time. Family is a sole treasure to one's life.

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  1. Nice post, Sis. Heartwarming... especially the last part.

  2. wow! I love reading this post sis.. I could relate to what you feel when you wrote this post.