cherries anyone!

July 01, 2008

For places here in the Philippines where some certain types of soil can't propagate cherry trees, this is just something nice to look at. This fruit has always been very popular as a part of deserts and other culinary purposes...


Here are some facts about CHERRY fruit:

  • Cherry fruits is known to grow in many areas of the United States. It is noticed that sweet cherries proved to be difficult to grow. Sour cherries are grown mainly in the Eastern side.

  • A very easily perishable fruit. Therefore, it needs to be refrigerate after purchase.

  • Cherries are very versatile fruits and can be part of any meal or dessert. Fro breakfast to soups and salads, these find their way to any food item easily.

  • These are known to provide pain relief for people who suffer from arthritis.

  • Red cherries are also high in melatonin that is known to destroy toxins that cause diseases.

  • Cherries are high in antioxidants that helps fight cancer and heart diseases.

  • Cherries are also known to have a very short fruiting season. It is during the Christmas time, one sees these plants at their peak, especially in Australia. Areas of Northern America see these cherries as the first ones to ripen amongst other trees; therefore the term ‘in cherry condition’ has been derived which means something new.

Photos courtesy of sweet kid, JD from Pennsylvania, USA

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  1. ahhh, I love cherries, we just had cherry picking last Monday. Kids have so much fun
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  2. Glad to hear that, Tey...thanks for dropping by!

  3. wow! This is the first time I see a cherry tree I think! I love to eat cherries, but they are very expensive in Singapore. And I like cherry motif! heheh