the little kid's caring idea

June 12, 2008

This is my 3-year old adorable niece, MJ. Once a certain Korean customer from their restaurant gave her 20 peso bill for a souvenir stuff he bought from her. She runs her way to where her mother at and excitingly reported what she'd got from their customer. Her mother told her just to keep the money for herself. She asked: " what about Ate Bernadette?" feeling a little sorry coz her older sister don't have any. She wished she had the money too. "Will just give her some later, ok", my sister replied. To her disappointment, she turns away from her Mama and on the other corner of the resto she went and secretly tore the 20 peso bill into two pieces thinking that she could make a fair share with her older sister with what she have... My sister on the other side got stunned seeing MJ handling the other piece of the bill to her older sister... "Oh my!!!" all she could tell herself. She approached the two and without a word, gave the teary eyed MJ a tight hug. Probably touched by what she just witnessed. After awhile, she informed me about it and I can tell from her voice how proud she was of her daughter... Ohh...I felt so proud of her exceptional kindness, too. She's just an innocent child with a big caring and loving heart... She really is a sweetheart!!!

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