June 20, 2008

The first time I set an eye on him, I thought he wasn't real coz he's just staying so steadily in one corner of the house with his wide open bright eyes staring at nowhere and looking so undisturbed as if he's all by himself and nobody's around him. Frankly, I am not really an animal person. I don't think I could even give a handful care to animals but looking at this cat...hmm..I think he can make a relaxing company at home.

By the way, this is one of JK's pets. His name's FLUFFY. One of the cutest Persian cat I've ever seen!!

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  1. lol those eyes =)

  2. Hi Nancy! What a lovely cat and his name perfectly fits him! :)

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. ambrosiality,

    his eyes apart from his furry tail is what makes him attractive...


    i agree... thanks for stopping by!!

  4. He is always very still and quiet untill it turns night and everyone is in bed then he races around the house see what kinda things he can get into...

  5. That cat is really lovely... I had one like that when I was in India. BTW, your blog is nice and reads well... do take time to visit my blog

  6. thanks Sashi... will visit you back as soon as I can..

  7. sweetheart...

    thanks for always knowing the details of even the smallest things that you know would make me happy...