the nanny...

May 23, 2008

My place today is not as quiet as it's always been because of the presence of these two innocent noise-makers around . Yes, sometimes they are loud like other kids are but I love them both. They are my nieces and I am their nanny today, lol!

Bernadette and MJ
They don't get along at times but as sisters, they have their own ways of expressing how they care for each other. They both have common talent in singing.

Bernadette's kinda bratty and authoritative but she knows her boundary, lol! She can be sweet when motivated, though.

Now, here's the obedient, generous and super sweet, MJ. She's everybody's darling coz of her extra sweetness and her wit can draw crowd's attention. She's keen!

And of course, along with them is Tita (aunt), the disciplinarian likewise, the spoiler, Oopps!(wink!)

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  1. hi nancy! pa grab ako ng pc illusion ha? so neat!