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May 03, 2008

Hi! I just wanna share the moments I have had with JK watching our common favorite the World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE) show via web camera feed. Here are some of the matches' screen shots from last night's Smackdown.

The Undertaker
He is supposedly Smackdown's World Heavy Weight Champion but last night, the deadman's been stripped off his title and the slot has been judged vacant by the GM Vickie Guerrero. The judgment resulted over Taker showing no remorse to his opponents by using his newest weapon, the "vicious choke submission" which is totally illegal in WWE. As it stands, smackdown is currently without a World Heavyweight Champion.

The Animal, Batista (Philippines' Pride, lol!)

Victoria (one of my fav. WWE diva)

Matt Hardy (United States Champion)pinning down MVP

MVP (Former United States Champion)
Squeezing the most out of Hardy.

Last night's WWE Smackdown location: Atlantic City, New Jersey

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