All About Words...

February 12, 2008

Words are words.!!!
The most selfish 1-letter word is "I".
Avoid it.

The most satisfying 2-letter word is "WE".
Use it.

The most most poisonous 3-letter word is "EGO.".
Kill it.

he most used 4-letter word is "LOVE".
Value it.

The most pleasing 5-letter word is "SMILE".
Keep it.

The fastest spreading 6-letter word is " RUMOUR".
Ignore it.

The hardest working 7-letter word is " SUCCESS".
Achieve it.

The most enviable 8-letter word is "JEALOUSY".
Distance it.

The most powerful 9-letter word is "KNOWLEDGE".
Acquire it.

The most essential 10-letter word is "CONFIDENCE"
Trust it.

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