Wheel of Fortune 2008

January 16, 2008

America's longest running game show, Wheel of Fortune is now spinning it's way to the Philippine television. Launched in January 14 (monday) as one of the "Kapamilya Game Show" of ABS-CBN and is hosted by Ms. Kris Aquino.

The show was originally done in the United States and was created by Merv Griffin. Three contestants compete against each other to solve a word puzzle. The name of the show comes from the large wheel that determines the amounts and prizes won (or lost) by the contestants.

Game Play

Before taping begins, the players draw numbered dice to determine their positions at the contestant podiums. The white arrow in front of each player determines the value of that player's spin on the wheel. Play proceeds from right to left from the contestant's perspective: from red to yellow, then to blue, then back to red. Prior to the introduction of the Toss-Up puzzles, the red player played first in Round 1, yellow in Round 2, and blue in Round 3. If time permitted, the order repeated itself beginning with the red player in Round 4.

Spinning the Wheel

A player gives the wheel a huge spin, and the result is determined by which wedge is in front of that player's white arrow when the wheel stops. The wheel may stop on a cash value, a prize (including a Free Spin or Wild card for use later in the game), or penalty wedges marked LOSE A TURN or BANKRUPT. If the result is anything but a penalty wedge, the player asks for a consonant. If it is not in the puzzle, play proceeds to the next player.

If the letter appears in the puzzle, the hostess reveals all instances of it, and the player is credited with cash or a prize. All descriptions of players being credited with cash or prizes in the remainder of this article assume that the player calls a consonant which appears in the puzzle.


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