The Prolific Hands

January 20, 2008

My sister-in law and I went to the mall this morning to unwind.. Finding way to relax and somehow simmer down our mind and body... While roaming around, an exhibit of different collections and other stuffs displayed inside the shopping center's atrium catches my attention... The welcome banner says: Ateneo de Davao - Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship. Obviously, it was the students' presentation of assorted and distinctive products which they creatively made by themselves. It's actually of more like personalized collections and I believe these young people aspiring to be a competitive entrepreneurs in the future will surely make an outstanding accomplishment in their chosen craft.

Here are some of the sample pictures which I took as I closely went through with these awesome presentation.

i don't know what this is but i just found it nice or maybe it represents a particular garment but on each sides are a set of key chains

personalized key holders

personalized t-shirt printing

personalized mugs and other fashion accessories

Gaisano Mall of Davao
(where the exhibit was presented)

I was once a student too and I knew every detail of what the word "effort" means... I salute learners who persevere in reaching their goals in life.

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