In Times of Torment

January 29, 2008

I've been here lately...
(battling with sorrow and emotional turmoil)

wondering how can life be so unjust sometimes...
(feeling so alone, sad and disturbed)

all I could hope to do is to...
(scream out loud to release distress and downheartedness)

for now, this is where I wanna be...
(somewhere quiet and undisturbed)

or here...(all alone)

to somehow embrace some...

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  1. thats beautiful Nance.. very emotional. I had been there once in my life too. and finally give up that I cant live without a companion.
    hope u are feeling ok... smile and have a nice day!

  2. Hi i know where your comming from hope it all works out in time, Some day you can and will be in your happy pleace.. Peace be with you and God Bless you in your times of need....God is always with you and will help if you only ask.. Hope your heart leads you down the right path and you reach happiness in your life you diserve the same as every one else. Dont leave the bad things in life stand in the way of the good ones, in time God will be there when you need him most. Just stand up and pray to God and ask for his guidence and he will lead you. God will always walk with you know matter where you are or where you go. when you feel down remember God is only a prayer away and he is always listening to how you feel. There maybe road blocks in life but you can still get by them.

  3. anonymous...

    i know it's wrong to question what God has planned for all of us. I just can't understand why does it have to be as tough as it is sometimes for us to overcome it with... or perhaps I am just too weak to face challenges like this...i actually don't know...maybe I am!

    thank you anyway...i think i need that too..(prayer!)

    Have a wonderful day to you..thanks a lot.TC!

  4. God love us all and will help us overcome any and all obsticals of life. If we pray for god to lead us to where we need to ba and not want to be then he will lead us to the proper places in our lives and hope fully the signs will show the way and you will get there some day. Follow you heart God will lead you.. God Bless you in this time of need.. He really loves you and will be there for you now as well as in the end.. Please PRAY all the time God is an ear shoot away.