A Few More About Myself ...

January 23, 2008

This one's from Gladys...thanks Glad!

1. I love to eat: pasta and chicken (esp.ang walang kamatayang pansit at bihon..lol!)

2. I hate to eat: greasy and soury stuffs

3. I love to go: to a place where i could find perfect peace and comfort...Hmm..not yet discovered although i can find one at the church during Sunday Masses.

4. I hate to go: places where people are constantly spoiling their health with cigarettes... It blows me up inhaling the smoke!

5. I love it when: I'm all by myself at some point...because I get to check myself as to how I've been living my life.

6. I hate it when: my internet server is down..it drives me nuts too, glads..lol! And also I hate it when I am yelled at or even if I heard somebody's shouting like they own the whole planet!

7. I love to see: how my daughters grow and how they shape their future...

8. I hate to see: children begging along the streets.They're suppose to be at home or in school and not on the threatening highways where vehicles are rushing from here and there. (Wish I could do something..)

9. I love to hear: music at all times...

10. I hate to hear: gossips...

Let hear from: Dauphine, Summer , Hailey and Suzanne

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  1. thanks for d visit.but i can't open ur name there. just saw ur link at vien's blog.

    ya sure i can add u on my site. pls add me here too, k. thanks so much.

    have a nice day.